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Does anyone know if it’s possible to easily clear a style from text that has been copied from another word processing application?

Example: I paste some text that I imported from another application (e.g., MS Word) which has the text formatted in Cambria 12 point; however, when I paste it doesn’t automatically change to the default style I’m using in Scrivener (i.e., Lucida Grande 12 point). Is there any way to easily and quickly format that newly pasted/imported text to my default style in Scrivener. For example, in OmniOutliner, you can CTRL-Click and select “Clear Style” to do this.

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Put your caret in each of the documents in turn and from the menus choose Documents : Convert : Formatting to Default Text Style. I’ve set up a keystroke Ctrl-Cmd-D for this. For each new document if you paste it in, do a “Paste and Match Style” rather than a simple “Paste”. I’ve actually remapped the key bindings so that the normal Cmd-P keystroke does a “Paste and Match Style”



Opt-Cmd-Shift-V will paste text without formatting (officially it’s Paste and Match Style - also available under the Edit menu).

Another alternative, if the text has already been pasted, is to select some text with the formatting you want and Copy Style (Opt-Cmd-C), then select the text you want to change and Paste Style (Opt-Cmd-V). You can also select these via the Text->Font menu.

Note: You won’t catch me re-mapping Ctrl-Cmd-D - that combo brings up the dictionary definition of the word under the cursor, with the option to bring up thesaurus. Yet another very good reason for not using Word…

As the others have pointed out, Paste and Match Style is what you are after (you’ll find it in lots of Mac apps, including Mail).

You can also use Documents > Convert > to Default Style to convert any documents selected in the binder to use your default formatting.

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Apologies for not responding sooner; somehow this got lost in my email. Thanks a lot for the tips!! I’m really a big fan of Scrivener!

I have re-mapped it because at least half the documents I edit are bilingual texts, produced in Chinese Word running under Windows, and although the Chinese text is there, it is invisible apart from numbers and any Roman characters until I have converted to default. I have to do this several times a day, whereas I hardly ever look things up in the thesaurus, so having Ctrl-Cmd-D mapped to convert to default format saves me time and patience. So personal preference.