Clearing Tab Stops

I Amy well be just a bit daft or brain-dead, but…

If I start a new project and just wan to clear all tabs, is there a direct way to do this other than “one at a time”?

Chuck Billow

Hi Chuck,

You accomplish this the same way you’d set the defaults for any formatting attribute of the Editor.

  1. Go to Tools > Options > Editor and set up the default formatting how you like it.

  2. In the Binder, select the Draft folder

  3. Change the view to Outliner. View > Outliner

  4. In the Outliner view, click on any folder or document. (Don’t open it.)

  5. Expand the Outliner view. View > Outline > Expand all

  6. Select everything in the Outliner view. Edit > Select All (or Ctrl+A). All the folders and documents in the outliner view should be selected.

  7. Convert all the documents to use the new default font. Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style

All documents in Draft folder will be changed to your new defaults, and any new documents will start with the defaults.

Is that what you were looking for?


Jim, in my v3 I have no “Tools.” The closest I can come is “File / Options / Editing”. Then, I presume, I would select Editing, the Formatting.

Then I have arrived at where I have the question, because the ruler in this window has at least nine (9) tab settings. So how, if I want to discard them all would I do it?


So I erased them all individually. But when I left and came back to a new project, all the tabs were back.

How do I fix this? Isn’t there a way totally clear the ruler, then set what you want (tabs, margins, etc.) and have that then be the default for all new projects as well as the one you are currently in?

Sorry Chuck, but you’ve posted in the Windows forum and your profile says Windows, so I assumed you were Win 1.9.

Are you on Mac v3, Windows Beta, or what?

Jim, sorry. I’m on the Windows (beta) 29012.

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the clarification. For future reference, all posts regarding the beta should be in the beta forum.

Yeah, it makes sense to me that that’s the only way to do it.

I don’t have the beta loaded, so can’t help you directly. But I seem to recall a post where the Windows developer referred to a setting in the beta where you could specify whether the formatting change was project-specific or global to all projects. Unfortunately, I can’t find that post now. So you may want to dig around in the File / Options / Editing area to see if there really is such a setting.

The other thing you might want to do is PM a mod and request them to move this thread to the beta forum, as that will increase odds of the developers seeing it and responding with more intelligent advice than mine. :slight_smile: