Click and drag problem - single click open note for editing instead

When I click on a note to drag it, the note becomes editable instead (like when you double-click) and so doesn’t move.
Bizarrely, this seems to happen in phases.
It will stop happening (time seems to be a factor) then I will get about 3-4 normal movements after which it will go back to being a problem again.
Any ideas?

A potential development .
This only seems to affect some notes - when I hover over some, the cursor shows an arrow (move and select) and some the editing icon (like a capital I with serifs).
These move, and don’t move/go straight into edit as expected.

Resetting the editing ones to the default makes them traditionally movable.
This suggests it’s caused by some setting or other but I can’t see anything obvious in the options.
As I’ve hopefully found a way of undoing it, how can I stop this from happening!


  1. In case it helps, I have imported the notes from another board
  2. I recently reinstalled Scapple as I was having problems with Dragon voice recognition

Thanks for the demos you sent. There are a few things I can think to try:

  • You mention issues with another program entirely, and that this necessitated reinstalling Scapple? I presume this means it modifies how Scapple works, to some degree. Therefore have you tried disabling that program or shutting it down entirely?
  • Given what I see in the videos you sent, would you say this only happens to short notes, perhaps ones that are fit to the width of the text? It seems like a pattern to me. I don’t know what that means, that isn’t how Scapple works normally, but what happens if you resize a note to be wider, or press Esc while it is selected to toggle editing on and off?

The latter in particular is natural enough that if it works, it might at least be a different way of working that gets the same thing done, if the mouse is unreliable and there is no way to figure out how to fix it.

The problem I had was with Dragon voice recognition software which is now mercifully working again (either a random update or a virus I fixed).
It didn’t affect Scapple-it just stopped working with it (I was unable to dictate text into the boxes).
I uninstalled and reinstalled Scapple and have been having the problems ever since. However, both have been on my system and working together for ages.

I’m afraid I think your pattern holds. I only created small boxes as it was a demonstration file. I’m using other files with larger boxes and the same thing is happening.

To make the note/box return to normal functioning I have to click inside it, click escape and then click outside it