Click on font menu in toolbar locks Scrivener ("Not Responding")

Hey all,

I saw some posts from 2020 about font menus but they didn’t quite match the behavior I’m experiencing. First the important specs for the devs:

Version: Beta (1183694) 64-bit - 27 Jan 2021
Win Version: Windows 10 Home OS Build 19041.746

My problem: When I use the Format Toolbar>Font Name Selector, a dialog begins to ‘paint’ on the screen but within 5 seconds, Scrivener is “Not Responding”. It takes around 30 seconds for the program to show the fonts list – and most of the time, it automatically closes again, before I can select a font. If I remain in Scrivener while I wait, I can re-click the selector and the fonts appear immediately. I can move to other documents in the project, click into them and then click the selector again – no problem.

If I click out of the app while I wait the 25-30 seconds, when I return to Scrivener and click the menu again, I start the 30 second delay all over again. This menu behavior is the same in a blank project.

According to Windows, I have 177 fonts installed, which seems way lower than the menus in my various programs show! I hope I’ve included all the pertinent data. This has not crashed Scrivener, so I am hesitant to label it as a “bug”. A “duplicatable inconvenience” would be more accurate. :smiley:


I thought I’d come back and give an update on this issue. Due to an unrelated problem, I had to reinstall Windows. That meant all my fonts weren’t installed. One of my fonts, Dungeonmorphs, by Inkwell Ideas, appears to be the issue. So, I’ve avoided installing it until I really need it.

For reference:
Version: (1274647) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021
OS Version: Win 10 Home OS Build 19043.1110

I hope this update helps someone else out there. :slight_smile:


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