Clicking Certain Snapshots Crashes App

Clicking certain entries in the list of snapshots I have for one of my chapters causes the application to close. I’m assuming they’re corrupt, which is worrying because I’d put a lot of faith in the function, hoping to quit my obsessive document duplication. Is there anything I can do about this?
Sorry if this has been addressed already.

(For clarity, I mean the list of snapshots in the inspector under the snapshots tab. There are eleven snapshots, and there are two that cause the crash. When I click one of those two, the app closes immediately. I haven’t yet checked if this is the case for other chapters.)

I’m not at my PC, so cannot confirm, but I’m fairly sure that snapshots are just .rtf files stored in a Snapshots folder, inside your .scriv project folder.

I suggest you poke around inside that Snapshots folder, find the corrupted docs, and remove them from your project.

How they got corrupted I cannot say. If you have been diligent with your zipped project backups, you could possibly find a prep-corrupted version of the snapshot docs and copy them back to your project.


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If the defective snapshots are not the last two then look at last snapshot and compare to snapshot just before defective ones. If minor changes might be best to single click and delete defective ones

I had a look through the folder and opened the snapshots with an ebook viewer. They opened fine with no visible evidence of corruption, so I’m glad at least I have the records. I’ll do as you advise and take them out of the project, though I wish I knew what was causing the crashes. I’m a bit wary of using the snapshot feature now.
Thank you for the advice.

Unfortunately, it’s the single click that causes the crashes! Just selecting the entries in the list, I mean. But I’m taking them out of the folder they’re stored in, which will hopefully remove them from the list. Thanks for the advice though. It seems like a pretty weird bug.

or copy current scene/file and paste into blank file. then open a non crash snapshot before bad ones and past into new file. Make a snapshot of earlier file and label early etc. then cut and paste latest version of file into earlier one overwriting previous info and take snapshot and label later. Now hopefully will be able to compare the two and make adjustments as needed. if the differences are minor, then delete troublesome scene.

Have you tried handling them through the snapshot manager?
Perhaps they won’t crash Scrivener when accessed from there…


Then you can delete them. It’d spare you having to navigate inside your project’s folder.

If you don’t mind sharing these problematic snapshots with us, we could use them to help locate the crash and most likely fix the underlying problem.

Just select the RTF files you removed from the project, right-click on them and “send to” a compressed zip archive, then attach that to an email to tech support.