Clicking on a project search collection brings up the selected documents but selecting one does not perform the find or find next

I’ve about 8 collections in a project. But when I click on one of these saved project search collections, and then on a document in the found set listed below the collection name. It highlights other words, from previous searches, not the search string for the current collection. Oh, and the find next (Command-G) function does not work.

This is true of all of my search collections.

The project is simple, has 15 documents in the manuscript. No formatting to speak of. No pictures. No bookmarks. Status assigned to a few of these docs. That’s it.

I am running Scrivener 3.3.6 in Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1 on a 2018 15" MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM.

Correct, you didn’t read my post and you don’t understand. The search project function and search collections function in Scrivener is not working. At least it isn’t working with my setup (Scrivener 3.3.6, on a 2018 Intel MacBook Pro with 16gb RAM running MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1). I know how to use Scrivener, and the project search and collections functions. I know how to set up a project search. I know how to select from the search options menu. I know how to save it as a collection and access collections. It simply isn’t working. When I click on one of my saved collections, and then click on one of the documents it has found my search string in, it highlights other strings, old strings I searched for days ago. The go to next match (Command-G) doesn’t work and triggers an alert bell. Clicking on another search collection makes things even weirder.

Here is what I would try as troubleshooting steps.

  1. First, I would click into the editor. Does that highlight on “love” go away? To me this looks more like a selection than a find highlight, but it is of course possible to customise the search highlight colour, so I can’t be sure of that.

    The main tell is that by default search highlights have a strong underscore beneath them, to help distinguish from precisely this sort of confusion. Again though, it is possible to customise your settings so that they look exactly like normal text selections, like you had double-clicked on “love” in the past.

    Going by defaults (well, my system accent colour is purple instead of blue, like yours seems to be), here is the visual difference between a search highlight, on the left, and a text selection, zoomed in for clarity:

  2. Now as for why you are getting a beep instead of matches when using Find Next. Hit ⌘F and check the find panel settings that ⌘G is using. You should see \bfit\b in the Find field, and the first dropdown under the Font Options section, should of course read “Regular Expression (RegEx)”.

    If that is all correct, then double-check your project search settings to see what the search scope is. If it is set to “all” then this document could be raised for any number of reasons… perhaps the word is in Document Notes, or a custom metadata field. Try setting the scope to “Text” if that is primarily what you are interested in finding. That is naturally what ⌘G will be scoped to as well, being a tool that looks only at the active frame (if you click into Document Notes then it will look there, for example, not the main editor).