'Climate Change Trans Counselling'


William Franken–to get another very funny take on this subject. Stick with this…it builds slowly, but by the time he gets to Greta Thunberg…

This was hilarious! On so many fronts.

Students and Teachers and teachers of students who teach teachers. . . "My students are my real teachers " :laughing: . . .

“It’s 2045 and we’re still here and what you young people are doing, it’s amazing!” :laughing:

“There should be a lipstick called Climate Change, so it can always be on people’s lips.” :mrgreen:

Naturally, I can see many people being offended by this. I feel bad for these people. They’ve lost the purpose of comedy. When one can’t laugh at criticism – what comedy is at it’s best – one trades offense for learning. Thanks for the laugh.

The last 20 seconds… that’s the sad truth.

He was so incredibly funny with minimal foul language. Plus his ability to put multiple interconnected story lines together and a Peter Sellers ability to play so many characters.

As for thin skinned people of perpetual grievance who can not laugh at a joke that is actually funny - I utilize my 10 ft pole.

I couldn’t find the original but this is a clip of John Clease talking about the Left’s inability to take a joke.

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I find right-wingers to be just as prickly and lacking in a sense of humour, but about different things. It’s almost as if this isn’t a “problem” with The Others being flawed, but a more complicated relationship between the psychological effects that produce a reaction of comedy, anger and so forth being mapped across different sectors of belief in what is “right” or “wrong”.


Wonder if this guy knows that in certain parts of the world CUCK is an English word for a turd.

“A lot of people on the left have no sense of humor. They’re not funny. If you’re premised on a lie, you can no longer be funny, because there’s no real truth.” – Elon Musk. Source:

Personally, I’m not sure if this is really a left vs. right thing. For instance, and that certainly doesn’t count as the left side, I’ve never met a funny Taliban.

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There is no evidence that Elon Musk would recognize a joke if it hit him in the face.