Clipboard feature?

Does any of the many clipboard utilities allow you to paste in a range of clippings rather than just one at a time?

I do not know of any, that sounds like a good feature request though! Even a “revolver” mode where the top buffer was rotated down to the bottom every time you pasted might be an interesting alternative. The one I use (PTH Pasteboard Pro), due to its design, could probably easily be modified to allow multiple selection in the buffer windows, then you could just drag and drop 15 or 20 copied elements in one shot.

I’m struggling a bit with the language here, and this is the first time i have investigated a software that did not come with the computer…so apologies if I am repeating. The ONE thing I miss from Word is what they call the scrapbook. I would like to be able to keep several pieces of text that I have cut from my document and want to paste here and there in it or in other documents (within Scrivener). I have not seen a way to do this(yet?) and it seems to me a very basic writerly requirement…

There are a number of non-scrivener tools that will let you do this. These tools are known as “clipboard managers”. The advantage to a non-scrivener based tool is that you can use it across all your applications.

My favorite is Butler. Others have their favorites. Try few and see how they work for you.

If you want something entirely within Scrivener, while not tied to the copy and cut shortcuts, the Scrapbook kind of does what you are asking for. It’s a floating window that you can dump text into and then redistribute that text either by hand or by using the handy drop-down at the bottom of the window. To pop that up, press Cmd-/. Note you can click the “Float” button which will force it to remain visible even when you are not in Scrivener. Very handy when collecting research from the Web or other places.

I was all set to highly recommend IClip, but it turns out that it has been abandoned due to the (former) developer’s schedule. I know that it works for Tiger and Leopard; I’m uncertain if it works on Snow Leopard. At the MacUpdate link above, there is a link to a site where iClip is still available.

I feel really surprised that the developer abandoned this application. I’ve tried a few clipboard applications and this beat everything I tested. You can select a page of text, then ask iClip to paste into multiple bins, and it will put each paragraph in a separate bin. You can have multiple sets of clippings. You can convert clippings to plain text. You can specify hot keys for almost every action. It really is a great app.

I used to use iClip, based on the rec of former Portlander Alexandria, sadly now seldom seen around these forums. Later I switched to the free ClipMenu, which works pretty much the same way and also adds a menu option for permanent snippets that you can use for frequently pasted items like addresses etc.

iClip went downhill when version 4 came out. More flash and less substance.
I have many clipboard solutions (e.g., Butler, Cliplist, iClip, iClipboard, Cute Clips, You Control, etc.), and for me the best one has been PTH Pasteboard. I’m using Keyboard Maestro these days as a clipboard solution, but it can be a bit slow.