Clipboard list like in Word

Hi, I am using the Windows beta, and are very happy with this. I just ran into a tiny feature wish.

In Word (MS Office) you can have a clipboard history list on your left. This means that you can actually insert clips from the list, not just the latest, but from way back. This feature would help me a lot in my writing proces, when I have several small clips that I reuse all the time in different documents.

Could that be made possible in Scrivener?

I hope my description here makes sense.

Best regards, Morten

It’s not called a “clipboard list” in Scrivener, but there are lots of ways to save chunks for future reuse. Probably the most obvious are the Scratchpad – which is accessible across projects – and a designated section of the project’s Binder.


This is the type of thing best done with other software that is dedicated to that purpose. A global clipboard manager simultaneously makes all of your software way more powerful, and makes cut and paste safer since you never have to fear immediately losing something to the OS’s basic single clipboard approach. Some clipboard managers are so deep they can store what you copy for years, in a large database that can be tagged and searched, making the concept of “copy” more like “save”.

It is much better to find a good tool like that, than have each individual developer create their own simplified concept that only works in isolation within that one program.

I’d say along with text expansion and macros, a clipboard manager is probably one of the most potent “global upgrades” you can add to your workflow.

Thanks both for great suggestions :smiley:

KEWMS: The scratchpad is a great tool but for this purpose it seems a bit intricately. To insert the notes I would have to click on “Send to project”, then “Append text to”, and then find the document to insert in etc. Its not an easy copy-paste solution. But maybe I missed something about the use of it?

AMBERV: A global clipboard manager is a great suggestion that I didn’t think of. It still would be great though, if a similar solution was inside Scrivener. But, I get your point about being able to use it cross any software of course. Do you have a favorite clipboard manager?

Again, thanks a lot both of you :slight_smile:

Well, you can also copy and paste from the Scratchpad, if you prefer.

I was thinking of it primarily because it’s a convenient place to store things.

I’m on a Mac, so I’m afraid I don’t know much about Windows-based clipboard managers.


Yes, and it is very close to actually work as a clipboard manager. It only needs an option to paste directly from clicking on a note or some other easy way.

So, this is the wishlist forum, and I guess the conclusion of this thread must be, that I wish for the scratchpad to have this pasting feature :wink:

Yeah, I’m a Mac person as well, so I don’t have anything I could vouch for on Windows—but I did run a search for “clipboard manager windows 10” to make sure I wasn’t touting something that isn’t a thing, and it looks like it is a popular enough genre to generate your typical wall of click-bait “YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE WHICH TOP 10 CLIPBOARD MANAGERS WE PICKED” lists. So I’d imagine there is no shortage of reviews (some may even be useful), and hopefully someone around here has a suggestion. :slight_smile:

In fact, I came across one tip that suggests this is just a thing in Windows already. Not surprising, as my first musing was, why did Microsoft just add this to Word all by itself? But you do have to turn it on.

Because the various business units within Microsoft don’t talk well together sometimes, and since Word is part of Office, that group tends not to want to rely on OS-provided features because it makes cross-platforming a bit more difficult (now that they’ve finally seen the light on that being a compelling sales feature).

At any rate, I’d missed this in Windows 10, so thanks for pointing this out. Live and learn every day!

I did not even know global clipboard managers existed as of yet. Duh. However at least a short clipboard history remains on my wishlist for scrivener to exclude the risk to lose text, paragraphs and sections, also for dummies like my self. Recommandations for a global clipboard manager to use with scrivener for windows?

I posted a tip above that shows how to enable this feature in Windows 10. :slight_smile: If you’re on an earlier system, no like I said in that post, I cannot vouch for anything personally. The basic manager included with the OS is good enough for what I need.