[CLOSED] Can't open Styles panel using the keyboard shortcut in Composition Mode

Opening the Style panel with the keyboard shortcut doesn’t work in Composition Mode.

I use Styles a lot in Scrivener, including the keyboard shortcut to open it, and without this working, I must use the mouse or exit composition mode, use the keyboard shortcut, then go back into Composition Mode.

It’s been inconveniencing me for a few years now, but I’ve been enjoying almost all my time in Scrivener. :heart:

Is this on Windows? It works for me on macOS.

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I apologize I forgot to mention my operating system; yes, I’m on Windows. It may be Windows specific.

Info about my OS:

Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎10/‎12/‎2021
OS build 22000.318
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.318.0

Thanks. Do other panels / windows work in Composition Mode as expected?

I don’t know of any panels like the Styles panel. I searched through the keyboard shortcuts and didn’t find alternatives to all right-click. The only right-click option with a keyboard shortcut to bring it up is the Styles panel, at least from what I know.

But, from what I know, the keyboard shortcuts that open windows like Find, Fonts, and more, work.

Is there anything else that works like the Styles panel?

Hm. Maybe the Fonts Dialog ( T, not sure about the Windows shortcut). Forget about it. You already mentioned the Fonts dialog. It’s possible that those kind of OS windows manage to get on top of the fullscreen view and the Styles panel not… But it works “manually”, right? Weird.

EDIT: Does the Styles panel stay on top / visible, when you enter Composition again?

Yeah, it works manually using the mouse+right-click+Styles. But not with the keyboard shortcuts.

I don’t think it’s appearing behind the Composition Mode window; I ran a few tests. Even using the keyboard shortcut with the blinking cursor at the very edge of the window doesn’t make the style window appear from behind it. Unlike outside of Composition Mode.

Outside of Composition Mode:

If it were to work, you would see the Style panel poking outside of the black area of the Composition Mode window, the red outline is where it would be:

And if it were there, it would interrupt keyboard input until you select a style, though that doesn’t happen.

Hmmm… One key difference seems to be that Windows version uses a (context) menu, instead of a “real” window. Not that this explains anything, but maybe it’s a hint. :thinking:

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I think that it’s an oversight for Windows’ Composition Mode. They may have forgotten to port it between them. But if it’s not an oversight, your observation that it’s a Windows context menu issue seems correct.

I don’t know if it’s a missing feature or a bug. So I don’t know how to categorize the post. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I appreciate your insight November_Sierra. :+1:

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Do you have a way to access Scrivener’s menu bar in Composition mode? I wanted to reply “if the menu item isn’t greyed out, it’s a bug”. I’d say we let the Mods figure it out.

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No, I don’t think I’m supposed to.



Alt+S opens the Style Panel for me in Comp Mode. Windows Scrivener

But Ctrl+\ does NOT open the Style Menu in Comp Mode. (Although right-click will do this.)

Did you mean the Styles Menu?



Interesting. The Style menu you opened is different from my Style menu. I use the context menu version, which keyboard shortcut is ctrl+\.

I guess the keyboard shortcut I’m using is actually the one for Format > Scriptwriting > Show Script Elements Menu, which pulls up the Styles menu when outside of Composition Mode:

Now that I know, I should edit the original.


I still want to use the context menu version of the Styles panel. It’s much faster to access due to it using the arrow keys, and it doesn’t clutter the screen with another menu due to it going away after selecting a style, especially in Composition Mode

And yes, I meant “Styles” must of misread it.

What about assigning keyboard shortcuts to your styles? That’s even faster.

Good point. I forgot I could do that. :laughing:

But, the keyboard shortcut being Alt+Shift+<1-9> is uncomfortable to type for me. Is there any way to change the keyboard shortcut from the Alt+Shift+<Something>?

But I think the 'Show Script Elements Menu’ only working outside of Composition Mode seems unreasonable. I can’t find a reason why this feature wasn’t possible. The solution proposed seems like a compromise.

I believe this limited range of keys is “hardwired” into Scrivener. But…

…it should be possible to trigger Alt+Shift+1 via a macro (which could be assigned to anything, e.g. a mouse button). But that’s tinkerer territory. If your keyboard / keyboard software doesn’t offer macro functionality, you’d need a thirty party tool.

Regarding the Styles (context) menu — isn’t that what you actually wanted? I’m confused, why now the Script Elements Menu? :thinking:

I actually thought the Scripts Element Menu was the Styles’s context menu. Yes, you and Jim actually answered my flawed question, thank you. :smiley:

But the functionality of the Script Elements Menu is what I was actually after, sorry.

Yeah, I’ve used macros before. I have a Razor keyboard, so I should be able to do that pretty easily.

I guess what I was secretly trying to say was “Can’t use Script Element Menu when in Composition Mode.”
I really appreciate it November_Sierra, Sorry for the inconvenience and/or wasted time.

I don’t know if these forums are like Stack Overflow, but I now want to close the thread/topic and re-ask the original question in the correct way to not accidentally deceive people.

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Just go ahead, I flagged the thread so a Mod will (hopefully) close it.