Closing a Project

This might be the dumbest question anyone’s ever asked, but I’ve just downloaded Scrivener iOS, gone through the Tutorial, synched my projects through Dropbox (and discovered I–oops–also have my Backups in that synched folder, and must now relocate them), and now want to CLOSE my project.

I searched the forum, I searched the Help Folder, I searched the Internet, I went through the tutorial again, I pushed likely buttons on the iPad: Nothing seems to close the project, though I can easily open a project, or create one.

Can someone point the elderly befuddled gent toward the Close Project button please?

Hi Captain,

Welcome to iOS Scrivener! I think you’ll enjoy it greatly, I know I am.

Getting back is always in the upper left corner.

So assuming you are in a project, from the Binder screen, in the upper left corner you should see “< Scrivener”.

Pressing that will close your project and get you back to the Projects screen.

Sync from there if necessary, then swipe up to close Scrivener like any other iOS app.

If that doesn’t work, please post a screenshot of what you’re seeing!


Screenshots, too, appear beyond my expertise.
I’m in the Tutorial Binder in iOS, with the extreme Upper Left leading me back to <Projects, and in the Center Tutorial and to the left, of the Binder pane, Edit. Below in the binder are all the expected items Recent, Bookmarks, Then the Binder proper with Start Here, Key Concepts, etc. And the Edit window as expected to the Right.

Pressing <Projects takes me back to the Projects Window on Dropbox, with my Two working Projects (and those leftover backups from 2017 I should have deleted before synching).

Still no clue, after much searching, how to actually Close a project, not having found a <Scrivener to click, though in the center of the <Projects edit pane, if that’s what it is, Scrivener appears at the top of the window, with four tiles (if that’s what they are) offering to Create Project, or take me to Working Project 1 and Working Project 2 (and the two antique backup files).

Sorry to be so stupid. It’s why I’ve resisted so far actually loading Scrivener onto the iPad. You’d think such a phase as “Closing a Project” would turn up actual results on web-and-forum searches.

Thanks for your help.

Wait (low-wattage light bulb slowly flickers over head): To close a Project on the iPad I just tap back to <Project screen, and that closes the Project I’d been working on the same as if I’d clicked the familiar red circle on a Mac Window?

That seems too simple, and thus must be wrong. Or is it?

Yes, that’s exactly what Jim wrote…

When asking a question, read the answers you get… :wink: