cmd-C copy in screenplay(final draft mode) and centered text

Is there a way to get back the cmd+c shortcut for copy in screenplay (final draft mode) right now it’s on general text (centered)


Hmm… Cmd-C should only go to General Text (Centered) if you haven’t got any text selected. If you have some text selected that can be copied, hitting cmd-C should work as usual… The command in the script menu only works when the menu isn’t open if cmd-C cannot be used for Copy… Are you saying that even if you have text selected, hitting cmd-C changes its formatting rather than copying it?

yep. it just centers the line (say , an Action line, or character) when nothing’s selected.
I did change cmd+Y to cmd+=, but that’s about it.

Any time I try to select text and hit command-c to copy, I get an error beep on my iMac.

I have to go up to edit and select copy from the menu (command-c doesn’t show up next to copy in the menu either.)
Picture 1.pdf (51.3 KB)

If cmd-C doesn’t show up next to Copy, then that is why you get the beep. This is nothing to do with Scrivener, though, but something to do with your system. Check out your System Preferences for the keyboard and mouse - it sounds as though you have modified the keyboard shortcuts in Scrivener.

Thanks, that was it. I had tried to create a new keyboard shortcut to show Snapshots, which didn’t work. But I didn’t realize I had also killed some other menu commands.

BTW, any way to get to show Snapshots without using the menu bar item?


You should be able to add a keyboard shortcut via System Preferences, as you were trying too. You just have to be careful, though, because Scrivener has so many keyboard shortcuts that you don’t want to clash with any of them - although if there is a feature you don’t use much that has a keyboard shortcut you like, you can reassign that.