Collaboration & Media & Web Integration

Hy Guys. Love Scrivener. But now written books/print is getting less every year I think Scrivener should in the 3.0 version have the ability to support better collaborative working and for the long term should allow for integration of media rich content like files from iMovie, FinalCutX, Aperture, Hype, the Office and iWork filetypes. This enables for producing media rich ebooks.
What would really shoot Scrivener into the future if it could export to WordPress allowing Scrivener to write media rich multi thousands words expert blog pages.
You will probably say “Keep on dreaming” but many things we are used to today started with a dream.

Keep up the good work!

I totally agree with all, specially with the collaboration point. Currently I would love to use Scrivener but I can not do it because I can not share co-writing with my collegues.

Collaboration is on the long-term plan, for sure, but not in the medium-term (certainly not in Scrivener 3.0, for instance). It is a huge technical problem, which is perhaps why the only really successful collaborative writing platform right now (to the best of my knowledge) is Google Docs, which of course is created by a multi-billion dollar company with huge resources at its fingertips. It’s not something we feel we are in a position to deliver effectively at this time - and it is something that we have discussed internally at great length, as we do not that there are a number of users who want this (it comes up from time to time).

With regard to the integration of other files, the trouble with this is that iMovie, Final Cut, Aperture, Hype and iWork all have proprietary file formats, many of which have not been published. This means that (a) to support them we would have to reverse-engineer the formats, and (b) even if the specifications of these formats were public, we would have to write and support our own converters for every format, which isn’t really feasible given that we are not Apple or Microsoft.

If we ever become a multi-million dollar company able to employ teams of programmers, though, you can be sure that both would be on the list. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,

Save the poor Novelists! And I wanted a lighter Scrivener! :open_mouth: