Collaborative reports

I am researching solutions for collaborative simultaneous report writing - basically engineering teams writing technical reports.

Can I do this with Scrivener?


Scrivener cannot handle simultaneous writing. You can serially collaborate - putting in place a system to advise each other when you open and close a project.

Specific (at the moment) to macOS is the ability to send out copies of a project to collaborators, and later merge their edits back into your master project seamlessly. This can also be done with people working on Scrivener 3 for Windows (the only thing missing on the Win side is this ability to merge in changes).

The huge advantage of this approach is that everyone (any number) can be working concurrently, rather than having to wait for the next person to pass the latest copy of the project along.

The only thing to watch out for is rather sensible: don’t have multiple people working in the exact same areas of the binder. If you work in chapter 8 and they work in chapter 24, it’s safe, but if you’re both editing files within chapter 8, you’ll probably have to resolve some conflicts after merging. For text level conflicts this is not a catastrophe, but you can lose edits that are made outside of text, such as in metadata, bookmark lists and such.

The full procedure is described in the user manual PDF under §5.3.2, under subheading, Merging Changes from One Project into Another.

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