Collapsible Note

Does scapple have a collapsible note?

For instance, I’m mapping out a series on it. I’d like to be able to collapse down all the notes associated with Book 1 so it’s only book 1’s main note showing until I want to expand it back out again. I’ve looked through the manual and don’t see anything, but I could missing something because it’s not worded the way I’m looking.

If it’s not available, I would love to see this in a future version. That’s about the only thing keeping Scapple from being nearly perfect for my needs.

Scapple is all you see. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s not a mind mappimg app so there is no parent or children and consequently nothing to collapse. You need some kind of hierarchy for collapsing to work.
All notes are on the same level. There is no main note.

oh? Then what is it if not a mind-mapping program?

What you can do is make separate boards for the series and each book. If you then drag the board for Book 1 onto the series board, it will create a note with a link which will open the Book 1 board. You can edit that note to give more information, apart from the link. Not quite what you hoped, but would that help?

When he created Scapple, KB said it was the computer equivalent of a paper napkin in a coffee-shop, on which you scrawl ideas. Notes on a Scapple board don’t need to be connected or have a hierarchy; on a mind-map they usually do, hence the hierarchical nature of a mind-map.

Actually, I seem to remember that one of the mind-map apps—at least on Mac—allows unlinked notes, but if my memory serves, that was implemented after KB launched Scapple, and perhaps even as a responbse to the launch of Scapple.




please can you explain the drag & drop process of the “board” in a bit more detail. I use the Windoze version and all I can do is select and drag notes from 1 board to another. This just creates a copy. If I hold the Ctrl key I see a little plus sign but still just get a copy.

Thanks, Paul

I don’t have the Windows version of Scapple, but I assume it would work like the Mac one.

If you open your Series board, then navigate using Windows Explorer to where you have saved the “Book.scap” board you want, then select that board icon—don’t open the board—and drag it onto the "Series " board, you should get a new note on the Series board that gives a link to the Book board. I don’t know if Copy & Pate in Windows Explorer would do it! On. the Mac, I open the note with the link, Right Click on the link and choose “Open Link” and the board opens.
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Thanks Mark.

Sadly that doesn’t work in Windows. If you drag a .scap file from Explorer onto an open board Scapple simply opens the file so that you have two open. Shame, I would really have liked feature but I’m a Windows only kind of bloke.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply,