Collection colour in binder?

Hi there. I’m just wondering if it’s possible to set a document to have the same colour in the main binder as the colour of a collection it’s in? Maybe not as documents can be in multiple collections…

No, but if the Collection is created by searching on the Label metadata, you can show the Label color in the Binder.

(Or, once you’ve created the Collection, you can assign the same Label to everything in it.)


Thanks very much. That show label colour solution is perfect for what I’m doing. I just want to be able to glance down the main binder and see how documents in that collection are distributed.

It’s not really a “skimming” type tool, like you’re looking for, but if you right-click in the editor header bar icon, you’ll find a “Reveal in Collection” submenu, that will show every collection the item you are currently editing is assigned to.

The label is perfect for information so important you want to see it almost everywhere; glad that works for you.


Thanks very much Amber, that is also very useful and I didn’t know about it. Nice to see your name again btw, it’s literally been years since I was on the forum - but I have been using Scrivener. cheers

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