Collection sync and the trash folder

I’m starting a new thread, even though this is probably related to what is discussed in this thread from just a year ago.

I was checking to see how the “Sync only documents in collection” option worked, and it seems to work more or less as expected.

However, if a previously synced document is removed from the collection, but the synced version is still in the sync folder, the next time sync is run, the removed doc gets moved to a “Trashed Files” subfolder in the sync folder.

This file does not appear in the Scrivener trash, nor is it picked up on subsequent syncs, and the binder location of the original item remains unchanged. However, two versions of the item will exist in the sync folders: one in “trashed files,” and one in its correct location (given appropriate sync settings.)

Thanks for the report, that isn’t correct behaviour. If items are removed from the sync collection then they simply should not appear in the sync folder the next time you run sync.

I also tested a condition where if we choose to only sync the Draft folder (for example), and move a synced item from the draft into some other area of the binder, it also ends up being marked as “trashed”.

That behaviour should trigger in these cases if the item is actually deleted from the project, but simply removing it from the synced scope is not trashing it.