Collections annoyance

Hi. I’m currently using Scrivener to write a sitcom script along with ideas for another twenty or so episodes. I have a Collection composed of 250 documents, whose synopses contain the episode ideas. I’m now trying to review the ideas, remove the ones from the Collection that are weakest and rearrange the cards in the Collection into a chronological order. The cards right now are not in any order so I’m finding that I have to routinely jump around the Collection in trying to reorder them.

To make rearranging the cards easier, I’ve split the view horizontally so I can see two views of the same Collection. I’m using the bottom view to display the beginning of the Collection. I’m using the top view to move around the Collection and find the next card I want to drag into the bottom view.

The annoyance I’m encountering is that when I drag a card from the top view into the bottom view, the top view doesn’t stay where it was and instead automatically scrolls up to the top. So, for example, if I drag card # 77 (I have numbering turned on) to the bottom view, instead of staying where card # 77 was, the top view jumps to card # 1. I then have to scroll back down to where card #77 had been to resume reviewing the cards in that area. Scrolling down like this becomes a pain when doing it over and over again. So, I’d like it if Scrivener did not cause the top view to scroll to the top, but instead stayed where it was when the card was dragged.

I tested the same kind of dragging and dropping between two corkboard views of regular folders (not Collections) and they worked fine, and didn’t jump back as the Collection’s view did.



Oh,I noticed that a Collection also jumps to the beginning when I hit delete to remove to card from the Collection.

I notice this also happens with collections in outliner view.

You could try using just the binder and one editor, looking through the corkboard on the editor and then dragging into the appropriate place in the binder. Instead of loading the collection into the editor, select all in the collection in the binder and load them that way, as multiple documents. Lock the editor (Opt-Cmd-L) so that clicking and dragging doesn’t load the document text. Dragging this way (as a multiple selection instead of a collection) doesn’t cause the jump. Downside is that the documents don’t get automatically reordered in the corkboard as you change their order in the collection, if that’s crucial to how you’re working. Likewise deleting wouldn’t work (ie, you couldn’t delete a card from the corkboard and have it vanish from the collection).

Moved to the bug hunt forum. I’ll look into it.

…And hopefully now fixed for the next build.

Keith, are you saying it’s fixed already? If so, would it be possible for me to download a beta with the fix? Thanks!

I’m not sure if this is fixed yet, but beta builds are updated here on the forum.

It’s not fixed in the 9363 beta, which was put out before this thread started, but I think the next beta’s supposed to be released soon.

Oop, just read the beta thread and realized I shouldn’t be asking for a beta fix and upload. I’ll wait for it whenever it’s up.

It should be up by the end of today.

Great! Thanks Keith.