Collections as project search "search in" option

Would be good if project searches could be limited to searching collections.

It would let you do a wide search on an already “pre-filtered” set.

You can do compound searches like this. Basically you need to turn your collection list into a Binder selection, so that you can use that “Search Binder selection only” search option. So just select the entire collection list with Ctrl-A, hit Shift-Ctrl-8 to select these items back in the Binder, and now run your secondary search.

I never knew about this feature, and I’m part of a few writer’s groups, and no one else knew about this either. I think it’s a common need: to search within a collection, since everyone I know uses saved searches as collections (e.g., for subplots or characters or whatever).

Since the functionality already largely exists, would you consider adding a “search in collection” option to the search list?

Over the longer term, I’d like to propose an overhaul to the search UI to get your thoughts. I’ll do so in a separate post, however.