Collections in iOS - vital for Poetry

I use Scrivener as a master catalog for my poems - and I create collections of 5-15 poems for journal and chapbook submissions. This works wonderfully well in the OSX version. However, iOS does not support Collections - I can neither see nor create my Collections on the iPad. Considering that these submissions are a major part of my creative workflow, this renders the iOS version of Scrivener inadequate for daily use.

Please add Collections support to the iOS version of Scrivener!

I wouldn’t rule them out forever, but one thing to consider about them is that search collections on Mac and PC can have a number of complex rules stored into them, and the iOS version by contrast has only a very simple search engine. So in many cases the search results would be wildly different from what you’d get back at home, rendering the inclusion of them problematic—and collections as a feature without the search collection form would also be problematic because many would expect them to be there, indeed even consider them to be an essential component of what collections are.


I love Collections and use them a lot. It would certainly be awesome if this functionality came to iOS Scriv.

But since you also use desktop Scrivener, I am not seeing the imperative of this for your workflow, since I can’t see that it is imperative you do your poetry submissions from your iPad.* Convenient, perhaps, cool, maybe, but not really imperative to the workflow, I am thinking.


  • For my own part, it never would have occurred to me to do submissions from my ipad, because it is a satellite device in my own usage, so I guess I am not even sure how attaching a pdf works when you have, say, Submittable up in Safari on your iPad. I should check this out. What would the form do? Give you an option of what app to get a pdf from? (I doubt that could even work, at least for Scriv.) Or would one just get a specific opportunity to, say, fetch something from a known sort of file repository like your Dropbox account? I am not near my device, so am just trying to imagine how it would work from the Submittable site side on iOS. You have me curious now.