Color dot icons

I wanted to organize my sections by color so I made these dots in Sketch.

Source file in the zip.


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Scrivener Color (627 KB)

Thanks! These work pretty nice. :slight_smile:

As an obsessive color-coding fiend, I must say these are awesome!!! Thank you!

Glad you like them. I made some more with checkmark and arrows as I needed them for my project. (443 KB)

Thanks, solipsist. Hate to ask a further favor after your generous and helpful contribution, but I’m a beginning Scrivener user, and I’m still trying to figure out how I would like to use icons/labels/flags/status, before setting up my several projects.

So, if you would:
(1) What meanings do you assign to the colors?
(2) What meanings do you assign to the symbols?

Thanks, again.

That’s entirely up to you. I like marking things that are done to visualize progress, hence the checkmarks. Arrows could indicate things you’re actively working on.

Sorry. I wasn’t clear. In my questions, I wasn’t referring to the generic “you.” I was referring to the specific you, the one who designed the icons.

In looking at and appreciating the colors and symbols, I didn’t have a good idea about how YOU used those values. Even if you only use a subset of the icons, I would be interested in the meanings that you assign to those.

I apologize for the confusion.

I use lighter colors to show projects at their beginning, and darker colors as I polish.

Thank you, solopsist. :slight_smile: