Colored connections

Is there a way to create colored arrows between nodes? Not finding a way in the manual, although it could be really obvious. (Have too much cold medicine in my system lately to brain effectively.)

There isn’t, though we have this capability on the list for possible future development.

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Yay! :slight_smile:

would be great even as just a global thing…

cuz i have my b.g. color set at a non eye straining, darkish slate color but then i can’t see connections anymore cuz black gets lost in it.


That specific usage should be fine, as connector colour will track along with the default text colour, set up in the same Inspector tab below the background colour. If you’ve been making your notes legible by changing their individual text colours at the note level, then that wouldn’t have any impact on the connector colour.


actually i have a dark bg, and black text. i’m using a light background fill per note so it looks like i have cards pinned to a dark board.

it was a good idea to slave the connector colors to text but there are usage scenarios (like mine) where that doesn’t work out.


Fantastic news! I look forward to that update. I am a very visual thinker. Back when I brainstormed on paper or whiteboards, I would color code different lines of thought so that it was easier to step back and see how seemingly disparate threads created a dynamic whole. I love Scapple! I use it daily! One thing that would make it even better is to be able to change the color, thickness, and shape of each arrow as easily as formatting each note, so that I could truly use Scapple the way I used my whiteboards in the past, but with all of the added functionality and conveniences of a digital environment. Perhaps it could be added to the inspector.

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any news on if the coloured connections will be introduced and if so when?

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I wanted to check in on whether the color connections have been added to the program yet. It is crucial for my project as I’m mapping different kinds of connections between data and that difference is noted by the color of the connection. Thanks so much.