colored note cards???

Okay, I know this has got to be a stupid question, but I’m really new to Scrivener… I’m trying to figure out how to change the color of note cards based on label or something like that. I’m not finding it some place, although I see lots of screenshots using it, and people who mention it.

When I assign a label to a note card, I’m only getting a corner of the note card colored in the color I want. Am I missing a configuration someplace?


p.s. This is on a Mac with Scrivener 2.0

The option for this is per-project, so you can enable it in View/Use Label Color In/Index Cards. In that same sub-menu you’ll find other options for applying the label in the interface which you might find handy. If you turn this on, you may wish to disable the colour chip itself in the top-right corner, you can do this per-corkboard split with View/Corkboard/Show Pins.

As always, if you find yourself using particular features in every new project you create, it might be worth the time to create your own starting template, so that all of these options and features are set up for you as soon as you sit down to a new project.

Thank you! Somehow I missed the “view” menu. Going to have to look into that in more detail!

Yeah, that’s a small menu. Only a few features in it. :slight_smile: