Colors for Pins

I found 5 posts about how to make the index card pins different colors, but have not been able to follow the instructions. Those posts were from 2008, so thought that maybe the updates have altered things. My goal is to have the POV of each scene color-coded, so I can make sure the POVs are balanced. All I’ve been able to do is change the color of the index cards, but since I like white cards, that’s not much help.
Thank you for a marvelous piece of software!

Pin colours correspond to label colours (edit using the last drop-down menu item next to ‘Label’ in the right hand col). You’ll need to edit the labels to reflect your POV requirements.

Then make sure View > Index Cards > Show pins is selected (ALT Apple P).

Pin position is controlled in Preferences.

Menu View > Index Cards > Show Pins ON, Tint Cards With Label Color OFF.

Position and opacity of pins is controlled in Preferences, Fonts&Colors, “Pin/Label opacity”: should be HIGH.

And there you are!

Thanks for your reply. I found when I Unchecked the View> Index Cards>Tint Cards With Label Color item, and then added colors in the General>Label section (and I edited the Labels to add my 2 MC’s POVs), that only the pins were colored. I love Scrivener. I can’t see how anyone could make much progress with regular word processing software.

Glad you got it worked out - and thanks for the kind words about Scriv!
All the best,