Colour of link lines

I am a new user of Scapple, (and Scrivener) and would like to ask two questions:

  1. Is it possible to change the colour of link lines and if so how?
  2. Can the default style of link lines be changed? e.g. I would like the default line to be an arrow.



Section 4.3.1 of the manual explains connecting notes with arrows by “default”… … pdf#page26

Does part of what you want?

Thanks Briar Kit, I understand all that but I wondered if it was possible to change the default behaviour so that simple dragging without modifier key would have the desired effect. I know it is a small thing but I would have liked it. No problems if not possible though. :confused:

I believe it can’t be changed: just the modifier key technique.

Also believe that the line colour can’t be changed, given the chat in this thread:

Hope someone else can provide better/more conclusive answers for you.

That is what I thought/feared :frowning:

Although this isn’t listed as a feature request, I’d like to make it one. I’d find it very useful to be able to change the link line colour.