Colour Palette

Please could we have a feature to install custom colour palettes within Scrivener please. I like to use a lo0t of distinct colours for keywords and I find it difficult to do with the current palette as a lot of the choices are very similar. I know there is the custom colour feature but I cannot see what colours I have already used.

Please could we have a system where we could install our own colour palettes like open/libre office or a bigger default pallette of colours to choose from like Celtx or MS Word.

I use colours to give me a quick overview of information. Find it useful when editing.

Thank you.

At the moment, Scrivener is using the standard colour palette provided by Windows. It might be possible to extend that in some way in the future, so I’ll mark this down as something to look into. It’s not likely we’d want to jump to having to do a lot of extra coding to create our own colour picker when Windows has one available, but there may be some easy options to allow more custom colours.

Meanwhile, with the current colour palette, if you double-click a current keyword colour to open the color window, do you not see a border around the currently used colour swatch? I’m just checking this on Win7 with the standard theme, so possibly it’s not always visible. (As I said, this is just the Windows palette, so there’s no Scrivener code here.) It doesn’t show what other colours have been used elsewhere in the project, but I don’t know of any word processor colour options that do that.