Colouring text and colouring background

I keep getting confused between the little coloured square with an “a” in it, and the little coloured square beside it without an “a”. I expect, every, every time, that the “a” square will be for colouring text, and the non-“a” square will be for colouring background, but it’s the other way around. Ack! Would it be possible to change this imaging?

Change the relative position on the menu. You muscle memory will then work according to placement instead of image.

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Sadly, I’m pretty sure that’s not possible on the Mac, as the format bar is not editable by users, as it’s defined by Apple’s TextKit, whereas the Windows devs had to program it themselves.



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Actually, I agree with you and even, albeit rarely as I’ve only needed either on very sparse occasions, got caught out myself. I suspect the icons are the standard ones Apple provides, so I don’t know whether Keith can change them.



I hope he can - or I hope Apple can! I use highlights and coloured text all the time in this particular context (I’m making a table of around 230 people, so officers’ position, for instance, is in green text, particularly important dates or places may be highlighted, etc.

“a” as in "b"ackground.
What’s so complicated with that ? :wink:

I also confuse the two, but that may be the case because I don’t

so muscle memory unfortunately doesn’t kick in.

There is no “b”. You select the square with “a” in it and it gives you highlighted background. The square with only colour in it gives you a change of text colour. Counterintuitive.