Column widths in Outliner

When i make changes to the column widths in outliner, i have to click into one of the lines first, before the changes are applied. which i find a bit odd. i would expect, that if you draw the right column border and let go, the column widths of all lines are adapted immediately.

also sometimes, when i change the column width the column at the very right end overlaps the rigth border, which forces me to scroll right and change width again.

Thanks, I’ve marked this as a bug. It seems only the right edge of the synopsis is redrawing immediately and the others need you to hover over the column in the editor before the resize is applied; it should happen as soon as you release the mouse on resizing the header column, as you imagine. I’m not entirely clear what you’re seeing in reference to the last column going off the visible editor and needing you to scroll–could you get a screenshot or video? It is possible to have enough columns or wide enough columns that horizontal scrolling is necessary; Scrivener won’t try to automatically resize your columns to keep them all in the visible editor, since that would negate any manual resizing you were trying to do.