columns in scrivener

hi All,

I’ve spent time searching the net, the manual, and the interface and I can’t figure out something that I’m sure is very simple.

How do I create two columns of text on a single page? think traditional magazine format. Text starts at top left, covers half the page, and then wraps back up to the top right column when you reach the end of the page.

Can someone please point me in the right direction? I’m sure this is very silly simple.


I do not know of a way to do this. Scrivener’s greatest strengths lie in its role as a drafting programme - that is, software with numerous tools to help you get the words down safely and securely in the optimum order in order to make the clearest sense. It can also do simple layouts and formats, but something of the kind you need is best left to a further stage in a traditional word processor with layout functionality, such as MS Word, Nisus Writer Pro, Mellel or Open Office.

In the compile dialogue, Print Settings section, choose the Proofing layout type. Then in the Layout section, you can select “Use Columns” and then some other related options.

I think you’ll find that with all options shown in Compile, and compiling set to “RTF” two column compilation is available generally in the “Layout” pane.

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Thanks all! I’m pointed in the right direction!


I was unable to understand these instructions. I can’t see a “Use Columns” option or “two-column compilation” anywhere. Has this option been removed in the years since this thread began?
(The reason I came here is that a link to this thread was posted yesterday on the Scrivener users Facebook group.)

Yes, the Compile command has changed quite dramatically since 2013.

Assuming you’re using Scrivener 3, see Section 24.6.2 in the manual. The column options are now found in the Text Layout pane of the Compile Format editor.


Thank you for the reply. Wow, what an impressive array of layout options!