Combine Different projects into one?

My primary use for Scrivener currently is for my own life story, as well as my father’s and stories from other family members. Some day down the line, I can see myself wanting to “compile” them into one large document. Is it possible to do this from within Scrivener - to, in essence, “merge” two projects into one?

It depends. If your family story is to be formed by interweaving your and other individuals’ stories, you could create a new Scrivener project and drag and drop into it particular documents from the projects of the rest of the family. If however, within the family story, each individual’s story is discrete, you could model it on the “Serial Novel”, described here, each individual’s story forming a part. Under the Draft folder, you could create a series of folders - e.g. “My Story”, “Father’s Story”, “Brother’s Story” - and compile them separately or together, using the Compile options, as you want.

Thanks for the quick response. I like both ideas for different reasons. How would I drag and drop a document from one project to another if I can only see one project at a time in Scrivener?

I’m not sure what gave you the impression you can only open one project at a time, but you can open as many as you want, and dragging and dropping items between binders is a very useful feature.

Another feature that might be of use, if you are talking about a large scale and full merge, is File/Import/Scrivener Project....

Yep… caught that excellent answer in my other post, thanks Amber :slight_smile: Now I do know you can have more than one project open at a time.