Combining or Transferring Files Between Projects

Can anyone tell me if there is an easy way to do this? I have a large Scrivener file for a research project on New York. But now I am doing a new project on NY and Philadelphia and I initially created a separate project for the latter. However, I am now realizing that I need folders of documents (and their annotations and meta-data) from the previous project and would like to be able to import them into the new one. I tried to drag-and-drop them, but that didn’t work (perhaps I was being a bit too optimistic). Any ideas for transferring files between projects that does not require exporting them first (as many are aliases)? Thanks in advance.


Actually, drag-and-drop should work - just make sure you drag from binder-to-binder. And, of course, make sure that if there are non-text files in the drag, you drop outside of the Draft folder in the target project, because the Draft folder won’t accept non-text files.

Note that labels and status (being project-dependent) won’t come across, but everything else should.

All the best,