Command-C copy for files in left bar and snapshots

Hi KB,
first of all I would like to thank you so much for your hard work: I am using Scrivener since 2007 and sometimes I work on it for 6-8 hours a day, and it is simply gorgeous! Best money I ever spent!

I have only two small suggestions (I have tried with Search button but I haven’t find nothing similar):

  1. I would like to use Command-C and Command-V shortcuts also for copying and pasting files in the left side bar. Now I have to use right-click menu and select Duplicate, then rename the duplicated file, but each time I try to Command-C files then I remember and say “Oh yeah, it’s true, duplicate not copy”.
  2. By the way, the copy and paste (duplication) of files is as frequent task for me, I noticed I use it instead of take a snapshot for keep previous versions of my job: I think snapshot is a little bit hidden feature, copy and paste of text from a snapshot is not so intuitive (it is possible but you have to copy, hit Cancel, then paste it. If you have to repeat this operation for several text blocks it quickly becomes quite tricky). The Show Snapshot window is a pop up not integrated in interface. So, my second “wish list” would be to have the possibility to integrate snapshots in the main interface, to keep them under control every moment, and possibly drag and drop files in a snapshot zone of screen to automatically copy them.

Ok, I have finished. Thanks again for your great job and pls excuse me if my English is not perfect (I’m not a native speaker).


Do you mean duplicating files within a project? … just Cmd-D or Cmd-Shift-D (Simple duplicate … name not copied) …
Or do you mean duplicating a whole project? Use Cmd-Shift-S (Backup project to …), or highlight and Cmd-D in the finder.
Or do you mean copying and pasting a document from one project to another? … I believe drag and drop works.


Hi Mark,
thanks for your help (I didn’t know Command-D shortcut) :mrgreen:
Okay, then my first wish got realized…

You can leave the Snapshot window open, incidentally. Just because it is a separate window doesn’t mean you have to dismiss it to do anything with the rest of the interface. In fact you can resize it to be as large as an ordinary document, and if you have the space, place it beside your working document for fast access. The only thing you cannot do is have snapshots shown for two different documents at once.