Command + F / text statistic

Hello, I wonder if this is doable, in a future update.

(forgive the poor wording, English is not my language)

I use text stats in the project submenu to look at word occurence.
Then, when I have used a word way too often, I search and replace using command + f

Could it be possible in the Find window, to show how many times the word still occur in the project?

The project window cannot be kept open nor can it be moved from the main one.

it would help a lot with the back and forth, thanks.

by the way, I understand there has to be a way to circumvent the search problem with command + F

While the word stats give you like 5 occurence of “off”

the command + F will also give you words like office, offer, Hoffman etc.

Anyway, a more accessible word count window would be appreciated.

When using CMD-F to find words, select the drop-down list and choose “Whole Word”, which should only match the word ‘off’ if that’s what you searched for, not ‘office’ or any other word which contains ‘off’.

If you use the search tool in the toolbar, you might find this work a little easier. First, you can also narrow the search down to just the text (not synopsis or document notes, for instance). Second, the search results will highlight the searched-for word or words, making them easy to see in the editor. Third, you can use the “search again” keyboard shortcut “CMD-G” to quickly jump from one ‘off’ to the next. And finally, while you can’t keep the text statistics open while editing out these repeated words, you can still bring the list up while the search results are loaded into the editor.

You might also consider assigning your own keyboard shortcut to the “Text Statistics” menu, which is much more convenient that using the menu frequently. Instructions on how to do that are here: … er-for-mac

Quite a resourceful post, Robert. Thank you. Will try this out.