Command line options?

Can someone please post the command line options for windows Scrivener?

Failing that, the combination of actions to create a debug/developer log?

Possibly this… see bottom of this note for the steps I used and the result (on a system on which I’m not experiencing the Scrivener problem)…
“…please try running Scrivener from command line with a “–log” argument. (i.e. run cmd, navigate to the Scrivener installation directory, and run “Scrivener.exe --log”). This should create a file %Scrivener_Instalation_Folder%/log/Scrivener-YYYYMMMDD-XXXXXX.log. If you attach the file to this thread, or send us the log file, hopefully we should see something useful within to trace this further…”

and some further elaboration…

  1. Open Admin Command Prompt
  2. Navigate to the Scrivener installation folder. Default location is: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener”
    Type inside the Command Prompt: cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener”
  3. Type inside the Command Prompt: “Scrivener.exe --log”
  4. Check for the *.log file inside the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener\log” directory.

There’s further discussion following that. Appears that starting Admin command prompt is accomplished differently in different versions of Windows.

Here’s my steps on a Windows 10 Pro 64 bit system:

  • ran File Explorer
  • navigated to C:\Windows\System32
  • right clicked on cmd.exe and selected Run as Administrator and clicked yes to confirm
  • in the Admistrator cmd window did…
  • cd “\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener”
  • Scrivener.exe --log
  • waited a bit to see if Scrivener launched (it did), then exited Scrivener
    (the log file doesn’t get filled until Scrivener exits)
  • cd \log
    which worked, indicating the log folder had been created
  • dir
    which showed a log file had been created there
  • used File Explorer to navigate there, copy the log file to the desktop and opened it
    which showed the following contents (presumably might be different if Scrivener had not loaded or experienced problenms)

Debug: “Thu Aug 25 22:10:11 2016” "

Application: Scrivener
Build: Release

Executable: scrivener.exe
Compiler: MSVC.NET 1600
Qt-Compiled: 4.8.6
Qt-Runtime: 4.8.6
Windows Version: Unknown Windows Version
Created: Aug 3 2016 15:05:24