Command-"period" keybinding is reserved for system

Command-period is a Mac universal keybinding for “cancel” or “end” and should not be overridden by View>Project Settings.

This current keybinding is just as perverse as using command-P or command-S to bring up project settings.

An additional benefit to not catching command-period in your program is that users will be able to use command-period to auto-complete when typing in both full and windowed mode as opposed the current setup where option-esc completes in fullscreen and esc completes in windowed mode.

Thanks for the great program! I am waiting, money in hand, for Version 1.0

New to me. Given that Scrivener is choc-full of keyboard shortcuts, do you have a suggestion for a non-“perverse” keybinding then?

Throughout the Mac OS, dialog boxes can be dismissed by either the ESC or command period keyboard sequences.

Try this behavior in a TextEdit print dialog and compare to Scrivener. Scrivener just beeps at you.

See also Apple Human Interface Guidelines > Keyboard … 1-CHDIGFBH

The section on ESC describes the standard behavior.

May I suggest instead that option-command-comma bring up the project settings since it is very similar to preferences (command-comma) but restricted to a single project?

Remote page up and down can be changed to shift-command-, and shift-command-. (alternately shown as command < and command >) which imply forward and backward movement and are therefore appropriate to navigation buttons.

What does the community think?

Human Interface Guidelines? Hmm… Oh wait, I rememer: they are what programs such as iTunes, iPhoto and all the other Apple apps religiously adhere to, right? :slight_smile:

On a more serious note: okay, fixed this for beta 3, with Project Settings now assigned to cmd-alt-,. Thanks for bringing this to my attention - hopefully the new behaviour is less “perverse”. :slight_smile:

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Touché :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast response! I am looking forward to beta 3.