Comment BG Color: Make gradient effect more widely available

Hello, Scrivener for Windows user here…

A little context for my wish list request: After a short story of mine came back from my critique group, I began using their feedback to annotate a master copy of that draft of the story, using a different color of linked notes for each beta reader. Until recently, starting with the second reader’s feedback, I was constantly right-clicking on every newly created comment in order to change its color. This got tedious. Yesterday I was introduced to the ability to change the background color that new Linked Comments are created with, which is awesome! Now I can just change that option each time I move on to the next reader’s copy of the story.

However, Options -> Appearance -> Editor -> Comment Background, like “More…” in the right-click context menu, only offers the user a single choice of color as a solid fill. Contrast this with the six preset color options in the right-click context menu, which exist as attractive vertical gradients shading from light to dark from top to bottom.

I’d love it if there could be a check-box in the “Select Color” palette that would allow me to apply that lovely gradient effect to the color I choose, whether I’m doing right-click -> “More…” for a single comment or choosing a new comment background color from the Options menu.

If that were impossible, I’d like at the very least to have those six pre-set colors available, in addition to using the “Select Color” palette, when choosing a different color for Comment Background from the Options menu.

Does that make sense?

It’s a super picky request, I know, and I totally understand if it’s something you don’t want to mess with. But it sure would make my day!

On a similar note, the default color, which is a pastel yellow with that vertical gradient effect, doesn’t seem to be the same color as the yellow preset option in the context menu. (The latter is a darker yellow.) So there’s no way, once I’ve changed the color of a comment (either with the presets or with the palette) to get it back to that default yellow. Bit of a nit-pick, I know, but it seems unfortunate.

Thanks for the feedback, Niki! Testing this, I see what you mean about the gradients–there is a gradient for any custom colour you pick, but the gradient on the six default options is much more intense. It’s actually a little overly sharp, so we’ll probably tone that down slightly and bring up the others to get a consistent gradient for all colours.

The yellow being different is also on the bug list, so that should be addressed for the next release.

Thank you! That is good news!