comment colors in fullscreen

Hi all,

Hope I’m not replicating something you already know, but I believe I have discovered a bug in the comment colors in full screen. I’m using a color-coding system that requires more than the 6 preset pastel comment colors, so I’ve been using the color palette to get new swatches. In regular mode, this works perfectly fine. In full screen, though, I can only seem to change the comment colors to the 6 presets, and when I click another swatch in the color palette nothing happens (apparently). I don’t mind getting around it by switching out of full screen for a moment to change it, but I thought you would like to know in case it is something that others are experiencing and that might be fixable.


Testing this, it’s possible for me to switch the color, but I notice that you have to specifically select the comment in order to get it to take the color, which you don’t have to do in the regular editor. Ie, in standard mode you can hit cmd-shift-8 to make a new comment, type, and then right click to change the color and it will take effect; in full screen you have to select the comment after typing and then right click (or select it at some point when you have the palette up) or it won’t change. But once you’ve specifically selected it, there’s no problem changing the color.

I noticed the extra selection needed as well, but I didn’t think to include that as it didn’t strike me as unusual.

I tried selecting the comment again after bringing the palette up, then clicking the swatch I want, but it still doesn’t want to do it. Not sure why it’s not working for me… :question:

Okay, played with this a little more and I was able to get it to not seem to work, but try this, as it’s working consistently for me to make the comment accept the color–I think it’s really just a weird selection issue:

  1. Open full screen, color wheel closed
  2. Create a comment
  3. Right click to open the color wheel, then select the comment
  4. Choose a color

It ought to take. What happens is when you right-click to bring up the context menu, it deselects the comment, so if you select the comment before right-clicking then you have to select it again. Likewise, if you have the color wheel open already, when you type text in the comment the text has focus and when you click on the comment to select that, it deselects, so you have to click again to give the comment focus and then you can pick your color swatch and it will take.

In OS X, the colour wheel panel sends its “set colour” messages to the view and that has the focus. So the comment must be selected and the inspector panel must be the key window (the window with the focus). If not, the colour panel will send the messages elsewhere.

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Ah ha! I see. I thought I had been doing enough clicking back and forth but I guess I hadn’t. I think if I have to use a non-default color for my comments, I’ll still just jump out of full screen - it’s easier :slight_smile: