Comment colours using Dark Mode on Windows and iOS


I’m using dark mode on both Scrivener 3 for Windows and Scrivener for iOS.

In dark mode on Windows, by default, comments are formatted as WHITE text against a pale yellow background (very difficult to read).

In dark mode on iOS, comments are formatted as BLACK text against a pale yellow background (much easier to read).

It looks like I can change the comment background colour on Windows but not on iOS.

If I change the background colour on Windows to something that works with WHITE text, the same comment becomes unreadable on iOS because there comments use BLACK text.

I’m yet to find a way of doing things that makes comments readable on both Windows and iOS when working between them in dark mode, but I hope I’m missing something!

Does anyone have any advice here? Many thanks!

Unfortunately I don’t have any really good advice for you, as there is a conflict between how these two systems handle the background and text colour of comments. You may note that the dark mode theme does reduce the brightness of the set comment colour, so you would not have to do that yourself, but they were not tinted enough.

So that’s the part that needs to be fixed, and once it is you shouldn’t find yourself having to tweak colour settings to get a readable result.

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Hi Amber - many thanks for your quick reply!