Comment disappears when I add a footnote?

I’m very new to Scrivener, so I apologise for such a simple question, but I’ve been struggling with it all afternoon (and couldn’t find the solution in a search of the forum).

I had a comment inserted within a text and then tried to add a footnote to the entire paragraph (this seems to be the best shortcut to ensuring that I don’t lose citations when I cut and paste segments in the future?). Every time I add the footnote though, the comment disappears. Am I crazy? Is there a solution to this?

Thanks so much to anyone who has advice!

Text cannot simultaneously store multiple links (that is what they technically are), so in these cases you may want to use combinations of inline notes, which can exist around the text rather than “over” it. You may find highlighting whole paragraphs a bit limiting for this reason and others, but if you prefer that there is nothing to prevent you from doing so.

Thank you AmberV - that solves it for me - THANK YOU!