Comment location mysteriously changed (1.5.3)

Hey there,

While using 1.5.3 of scrivener for Windows on a Windows 7 machine I had a weird thing happen with Notes.

This was a school paper and I had highlighted citations and added detailed notes to help me keep track of what my intention of the citation was for. At some point I did something when i was copying and pasting that caused the “geographical” location within the text to change. So instead of being at the end of a sentence the note was in the middle of a sentence.

I’m glad i cannot reproduce this problem, I’ve tried in order to give better details here. However, it deflates my confidence in using Scrivener for large projects. Luckily this school project was early in so I was able to switch to Word and finish that.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Edit: 5/18/2013 @ 11:25 MST (updated title to more accurately reflect content of thread, changed “note” to “comment” in title.)

I’m not sure I’m following what you’re describing here. When you talk about a “note”, do you mean text in the document notes area of the inspector? Do you mean an inline annotation? In either case, it’s just text that you’re working with, so it could certainly be moved if you’re copying and pasting–document notes are only document notes by virtue of existing in that pane in the inspector; inline annotations are formatted differently, but depending how you were moving text in the editor, one could have been pasted without that inline annotation formatting, resulting in it looking like the rest of the (non-note) text in the editor. There’s nothing otherwise distinguishing them or linking them to specific other text, so they can be moved via copy and paste or selecting and dragging text in the editor, which you may have done accidentally.

There are also inspector comments and footnotes, which are linked to specific sections of text, so I’m wondering if you’re using those? These should be copied and pasted with the document text to which they are linked, but that may not have been working in 1.5.3 (1.5.7 is the current version), so perhaps when you were moving text around, the comment ended up only linked to the first word or so of the original selection, rather than the whole sentence.

Thanks for the response and sorry for the confusing terminology. I meant to say Comment (the ones you can add by clicking on the “footnotes & comments” button in the lower right, then the plus sign in the upper right).

Here is a screenshot:

in the screenshot you can see that "nd " is highlighted as a comment as well as “ple i”. However, my original placement would have had them over “Bebell and O’Dwyer, 8-9” and “Bebell and O’Dwyer, 2010”.

Ah, got it, thanks. I’m afraid I can’t say though what could have caused that to occur. The comment links are identified by character range, so this sort of thing could happen by the text file being edited outside of Scrivener, but just copying and pasting text within the editor wouldn’t affect it. Copying and pasting comments and footnotes and the text around them seems to be working as expected in 1.5.7. This happened just while you were working in the editor, correct?–it wasn’t that it appeared fine and then when you opened the project later, the comments were in the wrong place?