Comments added in Mac version - where are they in the Win ve

OK this is the first time I’ve shared a document with a Scriviner Mac user. I saved to a shared drive and she says she used the yello comment button at the top of the screen to add comments- but I cant see any equivalent in the Windows version?

Where do I see the comments ?

I’m not sure if the comment button is displayed by default, but that button is used to make comments not view them. To view comments you need to open the inspector by pressing the round blue button with the italicized lowercase ‘i’ in its center (or press Ctrl+Shft+I) then once the inspector has opened you’ll need to open the ‘Footnotes & Comments’ option which you can find in the bottom right corner of the Inspector menu. (The icon is a rounded square speech bubble with the lowercase ‘n’ in the center).

You can also just click on a text highlight in the editor to open the Inspector and switch to the correct pane automatically.

To add the yellow toolbar icon, use the Tools/Customize Toolbars menu command. It can be added to the Format Bar, where you toggle bold and fonts and such. But as noted that is for selecting text and adding a comment to it.