Comments and/or Footnotes at Bottom of Page

Is there a way for my comments and footnotes to be put on the bottom of the page it appears on OR at the end of a chapter (document). I can only seem to get them to output at the end of the entire compile. I have some translation notes in my book that I’m trying to figure out how to work with.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

I would also like to know how to do this. They are called footnotes for a reason, i.e. foot of the page. Other wise they would be called endnotes!

I did find that footnotes do go to the bottom of the page if you compile to a word document. I think that may be the only option after reading some of the posts of questions on puttin endnotes at end of chapters.

I don’t know if this helps what you want to do, but I have a manuscript where I want some notes to appear at the bottom of their page and others as endnotes. Essentially I want substantive footnotes to appear on the page where the reader can see them, while simple references will appear as endnote,

My substantive footnotes are inserted in the text as inline footnotes, while my references are entered as inspector footnotes.

If you compile to Word, in the compile settings you can choose to place inline footnotes on the page, and inspector footnotes at the back. You can also have different footnote reference numbers formats for footnotes and endnotes.

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Just another note. I see that the two previous posters are both on Windows. I am on Mac.

I hope the compile settings offer the same possibilities in the Windows version of Scriv (but I can’t check).


So it only works when exporting to Word documents? Unfortunately, I don’t use that format. I’m looking for a solution for any of the following formats: Kindle, RTF or PDF.

EDIT: Just found the kindle formating automatically creates a link to the footnote too. I guess I’ll use that until there’s more compiling options available.

RTF is a better compile format than Word; it’s Scrivener’s native format and so when you compile to Word, it first compiles to RTF and the passes it to a document converter to produce .docx/.doc. So RTF is less prone to errors and can handle footnotes and endnotes. But to put the endnotes at the end of a chapter, you’ll have to go through Word or whatever, to insert section breaks with the endnotes happening at those points … currently, Scrivener can’t do that.


As an additional note, there really is no such thing as a footnote on any e-book that I’m aware of, at least not in the strict sense. They are kept in a separate section at the end of the book with cross-links back and forth (if you’re lucky, I’ve seen some publishers that neglected that detail). Some devices will detect these types of links and present shorter notes in a sort of pop-up box, otherwise that’s it.

Thanks all, the posts above have been very helpful. I’m using Windows, waiting day by day for Version 3’s release. I extensively use footnotes and endnotes, as two streams, so this is crucial for my work. The ideas here have given me some workarounds, but truly, I hope this functionality is included in Version 3 for all compile formats. Some of us don’t write fiction. :open_mouth: