Comments and Scrivener internal links compiling problem


I have a word hyperlinked with an internal hyperlink that works just fine. After a linked comment adding to the word the link works within Scrivener, but after compiling the project to DOCX the hyperlink does not work (not hyperactive) and the text, that follows after the hyperlinked word is in blue and underlined. Suppose it is a bug.


Are you applying an inspector comment to text with a hyperlink? That will replace the original hyperlink with the link to the comment. You’ll need to apply the comment to unlinked text.

I see a bug where deleting the comment after applying it to linked text leaves the link formatting. None of the following text was affected, however. Could you provide the steps for reproducing that case? Thanks!

Got it, thanks. Is there a place in the manual to be referred to find out I am not supposed to add comments to linked words or vice versa? I did not find.

I think you will be able to reproduce the issue I`d mentioned following the next steps:

  1. Add a comment to word
  2. Add a Scrivener link to the same word (the link works)
  3. Compile the project as DOCX
  4. Search for the linked word with comments - see the following text in blue and underlined.


It’s mentioned in a paragraph toward the end of the first section in 17.2 on Linked Notation.

Thanks. Following these steps, I get the Scrivener-linked word appearing with the blue, underlined formatting when opened in Word. The rest of the text isn’t formatted that way, but maybe I’m misunderstanding what you were describing and it’s just the linked word appearing that way? I don’t think it matters much in any case, as far as fixing the bug is concerned, since it’s all stemming from the same issue about how the comments and links are internally being applied, removed, and compiled. Once we’ve addressed that, it should fix all the various symptoms.

Thanks. It is crystal clear at the moment.

Agreed. Will be waiting for the fix. Thanks.