Comments do not show my name

Hey there! New to Scrivener 3 on Mac and loving it! I am working on a translation and I use a lot of comments for the publisher but when I create a comment there is only the date and time but it does not put my name in the first line (as I have seen in videos). This also means that there is no name when I compile a word document to differentiate my comments from those of other people. Is there a solution for this? I searched the handbook but no luck there. Thank you!

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You need to tell the software what your name is first, as it has become difficult to get that information automatically in more recent versions of macOS. Open preferences, and in the General: Author Information tab, put whatever you want in there. Note this info can also be used to fill out cover pages and such in some of the templates, hence the extra stuff like contact information. If you don’t need that just leave it blank, and none of that goes anywhere but how it is used locally in your templates and compile settings.

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That worked perfectly! Thank you!

No problem!

I’ve added a note to my todo list to check and make sure the user manual refers to this where Comments are talked about. It might only talk about it from the preference panel section itself.