Comments in Nisus Writer Pro

Sorry about this little query, but I badly want to know whether there is some way to print a highlighted and annotated document from Nisus Writer Pro.

I like to write a draft of an essay or story, then use the ‘add comment’ feature to note what I might change or add etc in the next draft. This works really well on screen, but I spend a lot of time needing to work from paper.

Please could some bright spark tell me if there is a way to print out my documents with all the annotations in place? If not, can anyone think of any alternatives- other software, or maybe a way to screenshot and print the image full size or something?

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Howdy. It would seem that you might get a better response on the Nisus Writer Pro Forums.

See here .

Thank you both, and sorry if I should have gone there first. Since it is not possible to print the comments directly, any other ideas? How about using screenshots or something?



There are three things I do, depending on the case:

  1. Grab screenshots.
  2. Copy each comment and paste it into the text as either a footnote or colored text in the ordinary text.
  3. Use the dedicated macro to export all comments to a new document, and keep the different document next to the referring text.

We could ask for a macro to convert comments to footnotes. I’ll do it.


You could import the RTF file in Scrivener and print from Scrivener - the comments will come in as annotations, which get printed between square brackets.

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Thanks all!

What would I do without Scrivener and you guys- You’re founts of knowledge and writing goodness.

I can’t believe I ever lived without this. I know it sounds an exaggeration, but Scrivener really has changed my life. I had never thought of writing creatively until I bought Scrivener and heard about NaNo on these forums. But I did it, and now I’ve totally changed direction with my life.

Before I did NaNo I was sitting waiting and hoping I would get well enough to go to Uni. Now I’m not waiting any more. I’ve signed up with the OU and am going to combine courses to aim for an Open Degree including courses in creative writing. I feel so much happier and more optimistic, so thanks to all of you!

Good for you! And wish you the best in this new venture.

If only I were 40 years younger!!! :laughing:

Hurrah! hugs Get plenty of sunlight, and make sure you’re asleep between the hours of eleven and one. Around that period’s when you do the most healing. Per my holistic doctor, anyway.

Thanks guys, and Carradee especially to you! You introduced me to NaNo, and it has made such a difference to my life. But bed at night and sunshine? I’m a nocturnal sun-hater! Never mind. Thanks so much for all your support. This place is a haven, and again I am blown away by such a supportive developer and community. Scrivener is one of the best purchases I ever made, so hugs to you all! :smiley: