Comments shifting around from Scrivener to Word

I’m currently revising my manuscript in Scrivener. When I’m done, I need to compile it into a Word doc to send to my agent. However, I tested this and found that my comments are not accurately reflected once I compile in Word. They all seem to be there, but they’re attributed to the wrong sections of text, like they’ve all been shifted. Why is this happening? Is there a way to prevent it?

Thank you!

Have you gone back and verified that the comments are still linked to the correct portion of text in Scrivener? There is a rare bug that can cause shifting (as well as a few unintentional usage problems like editing the component files directly without Scrivener knowing) of inspector footnotes and comments, so it would be good to make sure the source is okay, first.

Once that is verified, what happens if you compile to another format? What about HTML? That should result in the linked text being hyperlinked to the content of the comment at the bottom of the file (kind of like an endnote, but using the linked text as the reference marker instead of numbers). Are these lined up right?