Committing Cork board order from Outline

I’ve been shuffling around my index cards in cork board (both in arranged and freeform mode) and now I want to shuffle around the scenes a bit more in outline mode.

In freeform I can “commit order” and the changes will be reflected in arranged cork board mode and outline mode. But I wish there was a way to commit order to freeform from the others. Once I make an order change anywhere else, freeform doesn’t update and I can never go back and continue there since I’d mess up the other two if I’d commit order from freeform.

Am I just stupid or are there in fact ways to make this work?

You can essentially re-stack the cards in order in freeform mode. What you need to do is lock the editor view (View/Editor/Lock in Place), then select all of the items in that container in the Binder, and drag them back into the freeform corkboard view. Since you are just dragging the items back where they were, they won’t move or re-order, but in the freeform corkboard they will be stacked using Binder order.