Commonly Used Words/Phrases List

I’ve read the forum and understand the reasons behind not having a built-in thesaurus. That’s fine and perfectly reasonable. However, I would love to have a way to keep a searchable list of my favorite (and/or most commonly used) words. A thesaurus is great, but there are some words/phrases I might use (or might have seen in a book/magazine) that perfectly say what I want to express but might not be found in ANY thesaurus. So I’d love to have a way to store that and search for it later.

For example, say someone is working on a book series that has characters from the southern United States (aka “The South”). To say that the weather looks stormy, a character from this series might use the term “Blowin’ Up a Storm”. Now imagine over a year or two you could build up a great list of words and phrases like this to have in your back pocket when you’re trying to think of just the right words and every thesaurus you check doesn’t cut it.

Also, I’m not looking for anything fancy. Maybe just a little window/panel with:

  1. text box to enter the word/phrase
  2. textarea type box to enter a description (i.e. meaning, examples, whatever else)
  3. way to associate “search tags” (like for the term “Blowin’ Up a Storm”, the tags might be “Rain”, “Storm”, etc)
  4. way to search the tags (so searching for “Rain” would come up with a list of terms that would include “Blowin’ Up a Storm”)

Again, nothing fancy. Not asking for a true dictionary or thesaurus. Just a place to stash and search cool words/phrase that I would collect over time that I could call up within Scrivener as I’m writing.

Thanks for your consideration!