Compare styles or view stylesheet

I am trying to collect the styles that I want for a MMD project template but am having difficulty comparing them.
I have two sources for styles that I want to add to my own.

  • Styles provided in the 9-extended_latex_stylesheet.scriv project from the Extras folder
  • Styles provided in the Scrivener 3 - User Manual example

I started my template from the Scrivener 3 manual example project. I then imported, non-conflicting styles from the extras folder. I noticed that the Scrivener 3 Manual has styles that are absent from my template. I tried pulling in the styles from the Manual project. Scrivener told me that there are a number of styles with the same names but different content.

  • Block Quote
  • Code Block
  • Caption
  • Raw LaTeX

When I examine the styles of my template, in the compile format editor, I do not see Block Quote or Code Block at all.

Is there some way to see the style sheet so I can compare it across projects?
I see that I can import styles but I do not see a way to export them. Perhaps if I could export them, I could compare them?

The easiest way I think would be to create a blank project, import the stylesheet you are interested in examining, and then use its styles on sample text in the main editor. With multiple projects you can easily compare them, and even create your own mix-and-match version to taste. These projects can all be discarded when you’re done.

This is something else entirely. Compile format styles have nothing to do with projects. They use a simple name-matching sequence when you compile. If the text being compiled is assigned to a style, the compiler checks its settings for a matching style name & type, and if one exists, it transforms the styled text according to the instructions you provide.

That was not the answer I was looking for, but I learned more by trying the styles. Thank you.