Comparing Documents

Hello. Is there a way to compare text documents and/or folders of documents?

I copied some text documents from one project to another and I want to moved them back into the original project and sync the changes. Is there a clean/designed way for this to happen?



Well, I would say there are some options actually. :slight_smile: Most do tend to work better if you prepare for the eventuality of wanting to do so, but the first option below is the best for cases where no workflow has been established:

  1. Snapshots have a built-in comparison feature. So snapshot the documents you are manually merging, then copy and paste the updates into the main editor. (See §15.8, Using Snapshots, and §13.6.4, Comparing Changes with Main Text.)
  2. For cases where you are copying a project (which encompasses syncing, zipping and sending to a colleague, copying to another machine, etc.), editing it and then wanting to merge those edits back into the original, see §5.3.2, Merging Projects.
  3. Lastly there are methods for making sure the edits you make are recorded as you make them. This produces text that is marked by edits in the formatting of the text itself, and thus is portable between projects and depends upon no older versions of the text, etc. You can read more about that in §18.6, Marking Revisions.

Thank you so much for the suggestions, much appreciated.